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Travel with your pet: What are the steps to take?

Before travelling with your pet it is absolutely necessary to confirm that all the documents are correct.

Traveling with Pets, veterinary Mallorca

Travelling into the Europe Union

For travelling into the European Union, it is necessary the European Passport, the identification with microchip and a correct vaccination against rabies (dogs and cats older than 3 months have to be yearly vaccinated. There must have passed 3 weeks after the primovaccination).

Travelling out of the Europe Union

Every country has different requirements and paperwork is mandatory.

The process needs time and it is divided in two parts:

1- A veterinary practitioner (from a veterinary clinic) organize the requirements of the country and presents the paperwork by an official website called CEXGAN.

2- An official veterinarian (from the Ministry of Agriculture) issues the zoo-sanitary certificate of export.


We have a lot of experience processing this paperwok.

En el siguiente enlace encontrará información detallada sobre el procedimiento recomendado por el Ministerio de Agricultura:

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