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Canine frozen semen bank

The semen bank is not a catalogue of available dogs for the public. We assure the maintenance of frozen seminal samples.
The main reasons for freezing semen are:

  • Keep the genetics of a dog to reintroduce it into the breeding line after x generations
  • Bring semen of stud dogs from abroad
  • – Guarantee the offspring of a dog for the future.

Straws kept into liquid nitrogen tank .

We collect, analyse and prepare the semen with special extenders before freezing it into Liquid Nitrogen (LN) at -196ºC.

The semen must be of good quality for a successful freezing. Ideally, the stud dog should be younger than 5 years old. Otherwise, a seminal examination is always performed before the freezing.

Soon after the freezing, we perform a thaw test. We thaw one straw to assess how the semen has tolerated the process of freezing and thawing.

Semen is kept into a tank of LN that warrantees an “unlimited” alive, estimated in hundreds of years. We have performed successful inseminations with semen from dogs, which had been frozen 35 years ago.

Liquid Nitrogen is nitrogen kept under its boiling threshold at -195,8ºC. The tank limits this boiling but, because the ambience temperature is 20-30ºC, this product is continuously evaporated and the tank has to be often refilled. Maintenance of a semen bank is an active and costly process that requires the payment of annual fees.


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Canine frozen semen bank