Specialists in Reproduction

Veterinary Services

Our service of assisted reproduction is aimed at breeders interested in the improvement of their breed and owners that want offspring of their pet as well.

Timing of ovulation

To determine the optimal period for breedings or artificial inseminations

Intrauterine insemination

Non-invasive technique to inject the semen directly into the uterus by transcervical way without anesthesia, leading to an improvement in fertility results

Early pregnancy diagnosis

We can count and evaluate the viability of the embryos from the 23rd day after ovulation

Assistance to parturition and elective C-Sections.

Treatment of problems for delivery and performance of elective or emergency c-sections.

Neonatology and pediatrics

Neonatal disease is frequent in cats and dogs. Its early detection and treatment allows saving many of them.

Diagnosis and treatment of infertility

There are a lot of reasons why stud dogs and females may be infertile. Their diagnosis is crucial to establish a treatment and a prognosis.

Genetic selection

Official X-rays of hips and elbows (CEPPA, SV, OFA, SETOV, AVEPA…), genetic tests and other specific tests to rule out hereditary diseases of certain breeds.

Consultancy to kennels and collectivities

Collective medicine is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious and parasitic diseases of a kennel on its own.

Seminal Imports and exports

Shipments of chilled or frozen semen are a frequent practice that increases the genetic diversity saving time and costs.

Canine frozen semen bank

Preservation of seminal samples into liquid nitrogen for unlimited time.


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