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Timing of ovulation

Heat in bitches lasts 3 weeks approximately (2 to 6 weeks), but they are fertile for only 2 to 3 days. The timing of the ovulation is performed to know the best days of fertility.

When the natural breedings or artificial inseminations are performed within the optimal days of fertility, a bitch has more than 85% of chances to get a pregnancy, assuring the biggest number of puppies.

Moreover, knowing the day of ovulation allows us to predict the date of parturition with high precision. This information lets the breeders organize themselves to assist the delivery or to program a C-Section when there is a high risk of dystocia (problems to deliver the puppies).

We start the timing of ovulation on the 7th day of vulvar bleeding approximately. We combine vaginal cytology, progesterone assays and, in some cases, ovarian ultrasounds. The bitch is checked every 2 to 4 days until she ovulates (normally one to three appointments are necessary).

Vaginal Cytology of a bitch in proestrus.

Ovarian ultrasound with preovulatory follicles.


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